Healthy Relationships Course

The Healthy Relationships Course runs over four sessions and is  aimed at women who have or are experiencing domestic abuse.

This course aims to:

* Explore what a healthy relationship looks like

* Reflect  upon our expectations of a healthy relationship

* Examine our experience of expectations of our interpersonal relationships

* Provide a safe environment for open and honest communication

* Reduce Isolation for those experiencing domestic abuse/violence

* Highlight the sources of help available (together with contact details)

* Inform the individual they are not to blame or alone in their experience

For further information or to commission us to run this course, please telephone us on 0845 519 7592 or complete the form below:

Healthy Relationships Course For Women

This course is aimed at women experiencing domestic abuse. For more information and to apply, please

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Understanding and Responding to Domestic Abuse

This is a one day course is aimed at professionals. For more information and to apply, please

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Books and Products

We have produced a book outlining the signs of an abusive relationship and the help available. We also have a limited selection of products helpful for agencies to give to their service users. For more infiormation, please;

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