Raising awareness of domestic abuse and the  help available - to prevent further harm....

Welcome to Solutions for Domestic Abuse. Domestic Abuse can affect people of all ages, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability and class. Domestic violence can take different forms such as: physical, financial, sexual, emotional/psychological and utilise the growing electronic methods such as mobile phones/ social networking sites to exploit or threaten us.

According to the Home Office, one in four women and one in six men will experience domestic abuse at some point in their life. Domestic violence is a subject which isn’t openly discussed and is largely hidden due to shame and embarrassment. Sadly, people who exploit and abuse their nearest and dearest rely on the person experiencing the abuse to not say anything or get help. The best thing you can do is make one phone call and make yourself aware of the help available - you may be very surprised! Remember, domestic abuse is a crime and  you have the right to protection. Domestic violence doesn’t only affect you, it has an impact upon your children and your family. You owe it to yourself to seek advice. No one will tell you what to do, they will only provide you with the options available to you. You decide what action (if any) you want to take. You have nothing to lose.

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